Monday, December 6, 2010

Back in the Saddle...err Starbucks

So, I took a hiatus from writing for less than a week.  And I miss it.  So where am I?  Yup.  Local 'Bucks, stealing their wi-fi and tablespace to work out my word issues.

I'm not ready AT ALL to go back and read the monstrosity that was my NaNoWriMo novel this year.  This is one that I'm happy to tuck away and dust off one day when I need to answer the question, "Why don't I write more science fiction?"

Turns out I'm terrible at world-building.  Or, more positively, I'm a budding world-builder with no aspirations to become better at it.   I'm more comfortable working within the confines of my happy little "real world-ish" cubicle, waving at all the pretty paranormals and aliens as they pass my cube on the way to important meetings. 

Yes, I will probably change my mind sometime in the near future and attempt the feat of world-building again, but I'm thoroughly sick of it right now.  Probably because I don't feel like my plot was strong enough.  The concept was good, but I didn't plot out my twists very carefully, or feel like I developed my characters enough. 

Maybe that's it.  Maybe 50,000 words wasn't near enough to tell this story and I need to develop my characters individually more.  Or, maybe I need to cut all the namby-pamby character frou-frou, make it a short story, and pump up the action significantly.  Bah.  It needs to gather some dust before I can make that decision.

Wanna make yourself cringe as a fiction writer?  Go to and put the text of your latest work in there.  See, it takes the words you used MOST in your piece and makes them the largest in this cool word cloud it creates.  Want to know what words I used most besides my characters' names?  "like" and "back".  Yeah.  What the hell?

On the other hand, it looks pretty cool in a word cloud.

So...what am I working on now?  A new one-act play for competition.  I really like my concept.  Let's see if I can make it work!  If I finish that in time to submit, I'll try working on a novel that I've been building around a picture in my mind.  This time, with no 30 day time limit.  Hmmm...working without a deadline...interesting concept.  Maybe I'll try it.

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